Savannah, Georgia!!!

So, tomorrow I officially start a road trip with some other Sigma Tau Delta Alumni Epsilon members to Savannah, Georgia. The whole trip will take 18 hours but probably around 20 with stopping to eat along the way. We are driving from Wisconsin. Here’s the thing…


I cannot wait. So, what will I be doing in Savannah, Georgia?

Well, Sigma Tau Delta is an English honor society that I was apart of while an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. I presented a panel on how to market your work effectively titled “If your book is really good, but no one knows about it, does it sell?” Now, I am not an expert on marketing but what I wanted to do is give advice and experience on what I did for my book, The Trials of the Core. Now, not only is this going to be great for the young English students (many of whom will probably want to write a book someday) but it’s also a great, subtle way of promoting and selling my book and getting more national exposure. I am excited to reconnect with people and make new connections that will hopefully blossom in the future years. And, another great perk of going on the roadtrip is that I’ll be out of this still-crummy Wisconsin weather for a little while.

I have been compiling a bunch of marketing things now for the past couple of days and I’m hoping the roundtable will go smoothly. It will be a chance for people to ask us questions and I am hoping that my team and I are going to be prepared to answer them. I had business cards made up so that if I couldn’t answer something or they wanted something specific they can email me at my publishing company’s email address which is another form of subtle advertisement.

Stay tuned for a review of how everything was next week sometime. Wish me luck!!!


P.S. Going to a convention such as this is a marketing tip in itself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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