My sister's wedding

My Sister’s Wedding

On October 26th, 2019 I attended my sister’s wedding. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I attended this. I had seen the show Bridezillas many times and I knew my sister has a little bit of a temper at times, so I was worried she would turn into one of these “Bridezillas.” Luckily, I was wrong.

My sister’s wedding was fantastic. Actually, that’s a commonplace way of saying and it doesn’t do it justice, so let me put it a different way. My sister’s wedding was special to me, not just because I am her brother, but because of the way it made her feel.

The Sunday before her wedding (a week before) I got to see her while she worked at her gas station job at Kwik Trip. This was the first time that I had seen her, physically seen her (not just through Skype or WeChat or other applications), for a year and a half. Working two jobs, working more than 60 hours a week, I noticed she had gained some weight, she hadn’t moved up in her position at all at work, and she still had a house that needed to be renovated, bills to pay, and the final touches on the wedding to plan, but all of that didn’t matter. She had the look of someone who was about to marry the love of her life in less than a week. Nothing else mattered to her. She had the look of someone who was so grateful for everything and everyone in her life, despite the obstacles thrown at her. It was incredibly touching to see, and it’s a look I don’t think I’ll ever forget, and one that is actually making me tear up a little while I write this blog post (if I’m being honest).

What made my sister’s wedding even more special was her husband-to-be, now better known as my brother-in-law. Although I haven’t confirmed this with him yet, I have always thought that my surprise visit to my parents’ house two years previous in 2017 is what prompted him to propose to my sister because it just so happened that the night I came back, I woke up and she was engaged the next day (I saw it on Facebook and immediately wondered if my dad or my mom knew). That had been my first time seeing him and interacting with him, and this week leading up to the wedding had been my second time.

After the wedding rehearsal, I saw him and my sister in the parking lot and she was clinging on to him and he was comforting her in his best ability. During my sister’s wedding, when he read his vows, it was clear to me that he loved her for who she was and mentioned that she wouldn’t be who she was without all the flaws that she came with: her snoring, her very tough back that she liked massaged, and her temper. He mentioned that while he was away on business trips, he would miss those flaws of her’s the most. And truly that made me know how good of a guy she was marrying and why she had the most incredible smile on her face. My sister’s vows made her tear up, but it was beautiful to see her cry because it showed her emotion, her true tears of joy that she was marrying the love of her life. To be honest, I was almost crying at this part too during the ceremony, but I held it together. Below, are some pictures of the wedding.

After my sister’s wedding (and of course during the wedding too), while we were taking photos of the wedding party, it was clear to see just how beautiful my sister was. I put a couple photos of her and her bride here in the post for you all to see. They were completely in love and I was a little jealous of that, to be honest. I’m single and to find a love that my sister has found is very rare. I experienced it once upon a time—and the heartache that came with it—but that’s a novel for a different day (I wrote a little bit about it in a previous blog post you can find here). For now, I am happy to see that my sister met the love of her life, and I wish them nothing but the best of luck and fortune in the future.

As my sister and her husband danced, I once again saw how much love she had for the man and how much love he had for her. They danced to the song “Beauty and the Beast” and as my sister spun gracefully on the dance floor (something I had no idea she could do), and as my sister leaned her head upon his chest, and as they talked through intermittent periods of rocking back and forth, I could see the enormous amount of love they held for one another. I know it is a love that will forever remain regardless of the struggles they face.

The day after my sister’s wedding I was lucky enough to hear her on the phone while she opened up the gift I gave to her. My sister has been getting more religious recently just like me, but as I mentioned before, she works 60+ hours so it’s very hard for her to find the time to read the Bible. For her wedding gift, I gave her an audio version of the Bible (they have everything nowadays as an audio version!). Instantly, she balled not only because of the gift but also because of the note that I wrote her in the card. Her appreciation of such a simple gift meant the world to me, and seeing her at her happiest meant the universe.

All-in-all my sister’s wedding was a success, not only because I got to witness the marriage of two amazing individuals, but the emotions that came with it. I got to see friends who I haven’t seen for years and relatives who I haven’t seen for a decade or more! All of my aunts and uncles are up there in age (70, 75+), and the cousin closest in age to me is 38, so needless to say when they saw me after so much time apart they were all shocked with how much I’ve grown, that I’ve come all the way from China, and the beard that I’m now rocking and trying out. Seeing them again, and realizing that this could be one of the last times I see them, reminded me of how much I miss home and being closer to my family. Each of them told me they have one more wedding left in them, and I hope that’s true because I would like nothing more than to see them each once more at my own wedding when I get to have the same face, the same glow, and the same vibrancy my sister had the whole week leading up to her own wedding. Regardless, it was still fantastic being able to reunite with my friends and family.

For now, my parents continue to wish me the best of luck in China and understand how beneficial the situation is for me over here (although my Dad is starting to worry about my sexuality as I’m 29, single, and like hanging out with my guy friends). Oh, Dad…

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