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I recently came across this amazing image and although it is more for small businesses I think any independent publisher who has their own house is a small business owner. More realistically, though, for those of you who have not set up something like that, then this may be relevant for the types of things that will get your book noticed. It breaks it down by “Time” spent and “Money” spent and what is going to cost more in either category. Genius, really.


To see the explanation for each of these options click on this link here:   This will help you when you need to start thinking about visibility for your book.

That’s all for now. I will try to get some more info up about creating the press kit for your book, but my schedule is very hectic, too 🙁  Look back for more updates later! Also, I hope to reveal the logo for my publishing house sometime later this week (the graphic designer told me it’d be done). So, be excited for that.

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    This is an interesting post about digital marketing. I often see the challenges faced by small businesses and non-profits about how to best utilize a marketing budget (or often, lack thereof). Some options help with visibility, others with directly targeting potential clients. Ideally, it would be easy to find an option that does both. This image posted on writersblockpress, originally from, shows what different types of digital marketing options are available and what result they are most likely to yield for you and your business.

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