Back to School

I am awash with emotions today. I finally go back to school tomorrow which is awesome, but nerve racking at the same time. I’ve been out of school for a whole year now so hopefully I still know how to do this school and study thing. The past couple months have been mixed with this same sort of feeling as I struggled with my break up and also as I coped with it through friends. I am so glad to have good friends.

I will be posting another blog post at the end of the week as I clue everyone into how I am doing as a student and will probably continue blogging about it. I need to be more active with my social media besides Facebook anyways. I am going to be trying to post twice per week now. Maybe I’ll have a simple quote Friday like a lot of other bloggers I know do.

On top of everything else in school I’ll need to do this because I have a book blogging tour come late March! So, hopefully that is the push that my book needs in order to start selling more copies.

This post isn’t too long but I have no idea how I’m ever thinking about doing this again! I probably wouldn’t but I need some sort of structure in my life again. I’ve been too carefree for too long now but 18 credits is quite the load and I recently just picked up my books and there are 17 of them!!! Now, granted, I will not need to read all of them front to back but that is still quite a lot of books to read considering that my goal for reading for the year is 12 books. Well, looks like I’ll have that accomplished J

Wish me luck everyone as I embark on this new adventure!

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