About Michael E. Thies

My story

My passion for writing began much earlier than my passion for teaching. Both, however, are equally as important to me. Even more important than both of those things individually, are those things together and helping others write by combining my expertise with my background in education. 

Whether that is writing with fluency to pass an exam, so that they can further their dreams; 
Whether that is taking their real-life experiences and transcribing them into a journal or memoir;
Or whether that is being that extra eye and guide as they write and continually master their craft that none of us are truly ever masters in;

I’m here for you because at the end of the day, one truth still remains: 

“We all have a story;  we just have to be brave enough to tell it.” 

My Inspiration to Write

My Qualifications to be your Coach

Feedback & Reviews

Here what other satisfied students, fellow writers, and professionals have said about working with me on their writing or at their events.

" Excellent teacher! Michael Thies was my instructor of TOEFL, three years ago in Chile. He gave me the best learning tools of English. Thanks to his commitment and dedication, I got a good score on my test to study in Melbourne, Australia. He is absolutely part of this process."
Daniela Reyes
Professional Masseuse
" Mike's major talent lies in his ability to create dynamic characters. Reading his books, it's easy to become captivated with the passions and struggles that each character is going through. I'd recommend his "Guardian of the Core" fantasy series to any ready that has ever enjoyed a sci-fi novel, or any publisher looking to seriously diversify their offering." 
Samuel Tabbert
Book Distributor and CEO of the Fox Reader's Club
" Great teacher! During my three months of preparation I had with him, Michael Thies prepared me in every aspect to pass the TOEFL. With his help, I scored nearly a perfect in the writing section (29/30) and an overall score of 105/120. I cannot be thankful enough for his dedication. "
Benjamin Arabaca
Recent Graduate

What can I do for you?

I’m a public speaker with various speaking experiences. 

My time in public speaking started when I hosted seminars on resume building in college. Since then, I’ve given talks about how the steps needed in the publishing process for the Milwaukee Writer’s Circle, I’ve given educational seminars about the necessity of level-teaching and differentiation, and I’ve even had the opportunity to visit a classroom while in New Delhi, Indian and speak about my experience as a traveling teacher. Furthermore, I have to continually speak in front of my students every day as i motivate them to continually do better. Have a question? Let’s talk about it.  

I’ve worked in North America, South America, and Asia 

One thing that separates me from other teachers and mentors is my global background. Being raised in North America, living one year in South America, and having lived three years in Asia now I have gotten to see the world and can bring those viewpoints, ideas, and cultures to your writing in ways that you may not have thought of. I can give you a different perspective on a topic that you may not have considered. I can also help shed light on why certain customs are the way they are and the significance behind those customs as well.  It are these various differences that I love talking about as well. 

I can help you help yourself. 

If you’re a student, I can teach you about writing from sentence structure to vocabulary to formatting your paragraphs correctly. If you’re an author, I can teach you how to craft your characters in a way so that they are believable and strong, so that your plot is memorable and has the most impact to the reader, and help you create conflict and tension chapter-by-chapter. If you’re not interested in any of that feel free to ask me more advice on where to travel to, gym routines, what video-editing software you should use, etc. At the end of the day, I want to give you the skills you need and the tools you need so that you can be self-sufficient and help you help yourself.  

Need Advice?

You’ve heard and read about me, now I want to get to know more about you. Let’s get to know each other better. What are you waiting for? 

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
-Benjamin Franklin