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What I do

We are all meant for something; I’m meant for writing.

I Coach.

As a certified Secondary English educator and native English speaker, I help students foster their writing ability, preparing them for their AP, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, or IELTS exams. Also, I help other budding authors with their craft. The bottom line is that I’m here to guide you in expressing yourself the “write” way.  

I Speak.

Only 29 years old and having already published two novels, having lived in three separate countries, and having traveled to more than 20 countries, I have boundless experiences I love to share with others. More importantly, I want to help you incorporate some of your own experiences into your everyday life. 

I Write.

Writing is what I do best. I have been doing it since I was in middle school (almost 16 years ago). Many times people have a hard time coming up with content to write about. And, perhaps, you do too? If that’s the case, I encourage you to check out my blog to read about my life and everything that inspires me to write. 

Books for Inspiration

Check out this page for my top five must-reads for self-help books. 

E-Books & Reviews

What is Guardian of the Core? Click below to see the books in the series along with real reviews others have said about them. 


“ An absolute pleasure to work with. He helped me improve my TOEFL score where it needed to be to be admitted into the university I wanted. I can’t thank him enough!” 

Benjamin Arabaca

My story

What happens when one idea turns into two ideas? Or those two ideas turn into four? And those four then sprout countless other ideas? Well, the answer to that question is: You become a writer. 

Since I was in high school I have been writing my futuristic fantasy series called, Guardian of the Core. It has been a long road to publishing, but each book has been a phenomenally rewarding experience, and I’m in paradise every time I get to enter my own universe and craft my characters even further. 

Just as rewarding, is teaching. I have been teaching now for five years from the States to South America, and now, over in Asia. Through my travels and my teaching, I strive to inspire others to write and share their thoughts because each one of us has two cents worth to share. 

Let me help you start you on the "write" track today.